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Fully licensed to buy and sell your waste.
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Copper Scrap

We trade in multiple grades of copper at Ivica Solutions and pay the best prices for them all.

Over many years in the industry, we have gained the necessary experience to work with foundries all over the world.

Our policy of only trading with responsible consumers ensures that our customers are dealing with an environmentally friendly metal trader.

Contact our helpful London-based team today to learn more about Copper Granules, Heavy Copper Tube, and other products.

We buy, sell & trade all grades of copper.

  • Bright Copper Wire
  • Copper Buzz Bar
  • Electro Copper
  • Heavy Copper
  • Hard Drawn Copper
  • Copper Tanks
  • Braizery Copper
  • Copper Tube
  • Copper Granules
  • Refining Copper
  • Copper Radiators
  • Bright Copper Granules
  • 98% Copper Granules
  • 95% Copper Granules

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Abundant Experience

Ivica Solutions has decades of experience in the scrap metal trading industry and understand the intricacies in the business and helps the seller and buyers make conscious choices while also benefitting them,

Fully Licensed

We are fully licensed, and operate in accordance with Waste Carrier regulations. Safety is our number one priority, which is why we take the time to ensure our practices always exceed the industry standards, protecting our staff, our clients and visitors alike.

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